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We would like to thank  sponsor Touch previously called touch paper graphics who were one of our first sponsors, they are now in their third year with us and currently sponsor our under 11 team. ‘Touch’ are a Cardiff based company who have undertaken our promotional work throughout the last three years. Fliers, banners, pop ups, suitcase stickers are just a few of their product line that we have benefited from.

We are a Cardiff based digital print specialists, who offer a wide variety of services within the print, graphic design and web design industries.

What do we do?

We design, print and code, all at the same time! Touch has grown from humble beginnings as a small printing studio. Our team have over 30years of experience in the print industry. What set’s us apart though, is the way we work. With our experience in the design and web industries working alongside our printing, we manage projects from initial concepts, through to the finished product.

Our philosophy

Our Company’s foundation is built on our Values, which distinguish us and guide our actions. We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We respect the law, support universal human rights, protect the environment, and benefit the community.

Our vision is driven by ensuring that we deliver perfect and affordable solutions though a culture where service is considered the backbone of the business.

Our ethos is to value our customers needs by producing cost effective high quality products through good stewardship of resources while maintaining a profitable business return.

  • Touch’s core values are to be:
  • responsible and ethical service providers
  • good stewards and protect world resources using FSC products where possible
  • commercially competitive
  • provide a safe and healthy workplace
  • act with integrity and fairness
  • promote individual responsibility with clear lines of accountability
  • create a fun, challenging and performance driven culture
  • encourage innovation and creativity

Also one of their staff is Neil Mattey, whose son William plays goalkeeper for the team and is one of our longest serving members.

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