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Here are some comments from clubs and parents on “South Wales Elite Soccer”

 Stephen Hancock  Development Co-ordinate Chesterfield FC  21st July

Commented after our visit
It was a long day which the weather didn’t help, we completely understood situation and so did the parents. All of the coaches praised the football your boys played and although we edged the majority of the games results wise, performance wise you more than matched us.
Thanks again for Saturday we are glad you enjoyed it,
On “1 to 1” Reports

Stephen Pinnell September

Rhys just had his Skype off mike well I got to say it was amazing I learnt so much myself and Rhys mike was spot on in everything he said to Rhys I think it was great to listen to my son being helped in every way big massive thanks to mike and to hear my son finish the conversation and say mike is sick in he dad he just knows everything about me proves to me mike is doing a spot on job thanks again mate I got one happy boy going to sleep ready for high school tomorrow

Tina Leonard September

I totally Agree. Every other assessment ke has ever had from ccfc have only ever heen told to us. Meant so much for Ke to hear for himself. Hopefully gave him more confidence in his own ability. Well done Mike a very productive chat x Ke also said to his dad ” see Mike knows more than you!” & “to keep doing what im doing